Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS) | Press Release

Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS) | Press Release

Dubai | 29 September, 2016| Conrad Hotel

LEAD, one of the major providers of certified innovation training programs in the MENA region and the Global Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP) for the Global Innovation Institute www.GlobalInnovationInstitute.org, has delivered the highly demanded training program: Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS®) from 25-27 September, 2016 in Dubai, UAE.

The course was attended by the following 23 high caliber professionals from across the region:

  • Abdullatif Al-Juwaied – EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  • Dima Malibary – Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq)
  • Hassan Basnawi – Saudia Airlines
  • Mohamed Alsehli – Microsoft
  • Abdullah Al-Omran – EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  • Dr. Alia Faisal Galadari – Dubai Health Authority
  • Iyad Jaradat – PalTel Group Foundation
  • Musaab Hakami – Araamis Consulting
  • Abdulrahman Al-Munayes – EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  • Faisal Al-Rowaili – Araamis Consulting
  • Lana Mahmoud Murad
  • Saleem Durzi- Cezar Health
  • Ahmad Maharma – PalTel Group Foundation
  • Firas Al-Shatti – EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  • Layla Ali Ismail Alharmoudi – Ministry of Labou
  • Samah Abuoun Hamad – PalTel Group Foundation
  • Aliya Ahmed Hassan – Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centr
  • Haitham Abu Hamdan – Khatib & Alami – Consolidated Engineering Company
  • Lujain Al-Wazzan – EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  • Arif Al-Qattan, EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  • Turki Fageera – Saudia Airlines
  • Manal El Sayed – Khatib & Alami, Consolidated Engineering Company

The CInS® course equips participants with a working knowledge of the key approaches and methods they need to drive innovation strategies and major innovation projects inside their organization. Some of the innovation models and frameworks used include: GII Strategic Innovation Roadmap (SIR), GII Business Model Canvas (BMC), GII Business Model Innovation Framework (BMI Framework), GII Customer Experience Journey Map (CXJM).

The participants had the opportunity to propose and generate fresh ideas and discuss growth pathways, vehicles, and portfolios and learn hands-on methods for pursuing new market value.

The course was conducted by Mr. Anthony Mills the Executive Director of the Global Innovation Institute (GII). All delegates will have the opportunity to apply for the Certified Innovation Strategist exam www.globalinnovationinstitute.org/cins in order to become officially certified and hold the prestigious title.