Advanced Microsoft Excel

16 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training


Finance & Banking


To give users an extended knowledge of Excel’s advanced features and functions. Delegates will learn how to manage, automate and customize workbooks.

  • Manipulating Text and Dates
    • Using The Parsing Data With LEFT, RIGHT And MID Functions
    • Change Case Functions
    • Concatenate Function
    • Convert Text To Dates
    • Dates Functions
  • Using Decision Making Functions
    • Using IF, AND, OR Functions
    • Using The Vlookup Function, Using The Hlookup Function
    • Using Index And Match Functions
  • Using Financial Functions
    • Calculating A Loan Payment
    • Calculating The Loan Term
    • Calculating The Interest Rate For Loan
    • Calculating An Loan Principal
    • Calculating Amortization Table
    • Calculating Future Value
    • Using The Depreciation Functions
    • ROUND, Random And MOD Functions
  • Using Database and Tables Functions
    • Using DSUM, DCOUNT And DAVERAGE Functions
    • Using SUMIF And COUNTIF Functions
    • Using Transpose Function
  • Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Formatting Types That Can Apply
    • Specifying Conditions
    • Working With Conditional Formats
    • Conditional Formatting Formulas
    • Data Validation
  • Auditing a Worksheet
    • Tracing Precedents And Dependents In A Worksheet
    • Tracing Errors In A Worksheet
    • Watch And Evaluate Formulas
  • Linking Multiple Workbooks
    • Entering A Formula To Link Multiple Workbooks
    • Creating A Workspace
  • Filtering and Summarizing Worksheet Data
    • Adding Subtotals To A List
    • Applying An Advanced Filter To A List
    • Outlining A Worksheet
  • Analyzing Worksheet Data
    • Creating A Pivottable Report
    • Resetting A Summary Function In A Pivottable Report
    • Creating A Pivotchart Report
    • Creating And Displaying A Scenario
    • Using The Solver
  • Importing and Exporting Data
    • Importing Data In A Text File Into Excel
    • Importing Data In A Database File Into Excel
    • Importing Data From A Web Page Into Excel
    • Exporting Excel Data Into Other Applications
  • Working with Macros


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