Business Innovation

15 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

Part One: Innovation Foundation

This part will cover the basic concepts around this important topic and will look into the Jordanian market situation in relation to innovation based on a study covering local companies. The goal behind this module is to differentiate between the various terms and concepts related to innovation before moving into more advanced topics.

This part will cover the following:

  • What is Innovation?
  • Innovation vs. Invention
  • Global and Local Market Situation
  • The Four Types of Innovation
  • Why is Innovation so Important?
  • A deep look into Process Innovation
  • The S-Curve and Distributive Technologies

Part Two: Culture of Innovation

In this part, we will start adding practical side to the theory that was covered earlier; we will learn how to create and setup the right environment to develop and support innovation. The change that needs to be implemented does not only cover organizations but it also covers individuals working in these organizations; hence, there will be some focus given to the issue of individuality.

This part will cover the following:

  • Being an innovative individual
  • Innovation culture creation and development
  • Innovation and Eco-Systems
  • Mapping Business Innovation
  • Designing Strategies for Innovation
  • Creating & Leading the Culture of Innovation

Part Three: Implementing innovation within your organization

This is the part where each individual will work closely with other individuals in the training session in order to come up with an action plan on how to implement and lead innovation in his/her company or business. This will part will use all the theory that was learned during the previous two parts in order to develop it to practical and real life examples that are actionable.

  • Developing an innovation plan
  • Change management
  • Measuring Innovation Impact

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