Business Process Management

30 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

The more organizations change, the more they must concern themselves with their stakeholder relationships, and the design and management of their processes so that organizations, people and technologies have a common business purpose.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the key terms and concepts in BPM
  • Learn the major methodologies and techniques for implementing BPM
  • Discover the various technologies that support BPM


  • Introduction to BPM terms, concepts and principles
  • Process Modeling, Analysis & Design
    • Process Improvement Methodologies
  • Process Management
  • Process Classification Frameworks
  • Enterprise Business Process Management
    • BPM Implementation Strategies
    • Key Skills, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Transforming to a Process-Managed Enterprise
  • Introduction to Tools & Technologies
    • Process Modeling Tools
    • Business Process Management Suites

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