Career Path & Succession Planning

8 hours


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Human Resources


Organizations find it immensely important to employ measures to provide its high potential employees with the tools necessary to manage their own development. To nurture talent and retain them, various programs are implemented. It is necessary to rate the performance of an employee and identify the growth needs. To optimize the output from the human capital available, organizations must plan how to train and advance their success. This course reveals ways to communicate with employees about employee development and career path planning; refining the employee development and succession planning process.

Course Objectives

  • Utilize performance management plans and 360-degree feedback to allow individuals to manage their own leadership futures.
  • Reward employees for successful progress on personal development plan by linking development and performance measures.
  • Utilize employee satisfaction measurements to develop improvement plans
  • Avoid segregating potential leaders to foster an inclusive atmosphere for leadership opportunities


  • Career Path
    • Individual assessments of abilities, interests, career needs, and goals;
    • Organizational assessments of employee abilities and potential;
    • Communication of information concerning career options and opportunities with the organization;
    • Career counseling to set realistic goals and plan for their attainment. Measure the effectiveness of training
    • Develop a system of classifications to compare employee performance
    • Structure succession plans and development opportunities to reinforce corporate goals and missions.
    • Continuously evaluate the succession planning process order to make incremental improvements each year.
  • Succession Planning:
    • Assessment of Key Positions:
      • What are the competencies and experiences needed to qualify for each key position?
    • Identification of Key Talent:
      • Typically people at the top two levels of the organization and high potential employees one level below are identified by their management’s assessment of their performance and potential for advancement.
    • Assessment of Key Talent:
      • For each person on the radar screen, primary development needs are identified focusing on what they need in order to be ready for the next level.
    • Generation of Development Plans:
      • A development plan is prepared for how we will help the person develop over the next year.
    • Development Monitoring & Review
      • An annual or semi-annual succession planning review is held to review progress of key talent and to refresh or revise their development plan.
    • Semi-Annual Succession Planning Review
      • Review of succession candidates and development plans in each organizational unit
      • Report development progress and make necessary adjustments to the plan
      • Orchestrate moves for the next six months

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