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The GInI Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)® is GInI’s recognition of senior business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to enterprise innovation, innovation groups, innovation strategy, innovation spaces, management & workplace innovation, and other leading innovation practices.

CCInO certification affirms the individual’s proficiency at executive-level innovation practices and methods, including such practices and methods as: strategic innovation portfolios, the GInI Strategic Innovation Roadmap, enterprise innovation programs, the GInI Enterprise Innovation Architecture, management innovation, workplace innovation, the GInI Experiential Human Innovation Framework, innovation group design, innovation space design, outcome-driven innovation, discovery-driven innovation, and innovation maturity.

For those executives wanting to transform businesses into innovation powerhouses, certification as a GInI Certified Chief Innovation Officer distinguishes you as having the knowledge and ability to drive a highly-capable program of sustained innovation output. It is a valuable professional asset that signifies your ability to use innovation strategically and holistically, and to reinvent businesses so as to give them a culture of innovation and turn them into well-run engines of innovation that ensure their resilience well into the future. It also signifies your ability to leverage structures, processes, and strategies to maximize innovation’s impact on the business’ short-term and long-term growth agendas.


The innovation models and frameworks used are:

  • GInI Strategic Innovation Roadmap  (SInR)
  • GInI Enterprise Innovation Architecture  (EInA)
  • GInI Innovation Management System  (InMS)
  • GInI Business Model Innovation Framework  (BMInF)
  • GInI Experiential Human Innovation Framework  (XHInF)


Foundations of Strategic Innovation

  • Innovation Defined / The Point of Innovation
  • Why Organizations Fail at Innovation
  • Strategic Innovation – What You Need to Know
  • Foundations of Value / Diffusion of Innovations / S-Curves
  • The Four Types of Innovation • The Three Innovation Time Frames
  • External Realities

The Role of Innovation Strategy – What we WANT to do, and WHY

The Strategic Innovation Pathways

  • Value Extraction – Market Exploitation
  • Value Capture – Market Perpetuation / Market Penetration / Market Broadening
  • Value Creation – Market Escalation / Market Expansion / Market Creation

The Strategic Innovation Vehicles

  • Internal R&D (Organic Growth)
  • Partnerships (Extended Organic Growth)
  • Corporate Venturing (Inorganic Growth)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Inorganic Growth)

The Innovation Strategy Portfolio & Selection Matrix

  • The Strategic Innovation Portfolio Mix
  • The Strategic Innovation Matrix – Leveraging the Vehicles to Achieve the Pathways

Understanding the Front End / Mid Zone / Back End of Innovation

Understanding Enterprise Innovation

  • The Point of Enterprise Innovation – HOW We Go About Pursuing Strategic Innovation
  • Making Enterprise Innovation Really Happen – Layout of the 18 Elements of Corporate Innovation

EI Foundation

  • Sponsorship & Leadership
  • Philosophy / Beliefs
  • Values
  • Culture & Environment

EI Procedures

  • Structure & Relationships
  • Governance Processes
  • Governance Metrics
  • Roles & Responsibilities

EI Financing

  • Funding
  • Budget Management
  • External Investment

EI Enablers

  • Training & Resources
  • Discovery & Insights
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Networks & Ecosystems

EI Engagement

  • Mechanisms of Engagement

EI Reinforcement

  • Recognition & Rewards
  • Public Relations

Management & Workplace Innovation – A New Kind of Organization That Gets Innovation Done – XHIF

  • The Corporate Mandates
  • The Market Mandates
  • The People Mandates

Building a Core Innovation Group

  • What Do We Look for in Core Innovation Teams?

Designing Innovation Spaces

  • Innovation Common Space Design
  • The Innovation Lab
  • Nine Principles of Innovation Space Design

Driving Focused Innovation Work Products

  • Innovation-Driven Design Work
  • Driving Focused Innovation Efforts
  • Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI)
  • Discovery-Driven Innovation (DDI)

Structural Market Changes & Responsive Growth Strategy

  • Dealing with Structural Change in Markets
  • Responsive Growth Strategy – How Traditional Strategic Planning Gets Replaced

Innovation Maturity & The CInO’s Role

  • Understanding the Idea of Innovation Maturity and Why This Is Important
  • The CInO Role with respect to Innovation Maturity

CCInO® certification is for executive-level business leaders who desire or intend to take on the role of Chief Innovation Officer within a business (or an equivalent executive role), and thus wish to develop a deeper insight into the structure and operation of Enterprise Innovation Programs (programs designed to deliver sustained, enterprise-wide innovation). This person will in most cases work at the executive level building, leading, and expanding the business’ own innovation program.

CCInO® certification is intended for seasoned business executives with substantial business experience. If one has less than seven years’ experience working in Innovation or a related area, they should first seek CInP® and/or CInS® certification and at least four years’ experience working in Innovation or a related area prior to pursuing CCInO® certification.