Certified Product Manager

30 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training



This course helps the participants to review the key concepts and terminology used in creating products that customers will love. It focuses on getting at the core of what product management is all about: finding the right solution to the right problem for the right market. It also teaches participants how to move successfully from Product Launch into Product Life-cycle Management, an area which is often overlooked.


  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical product management and product marketing management, including underlying concepts, principles and terminology.
  • Understand product life cycle considerations and differentiation
  • Understand your customers and analyze the market to build a product that is both desirable and viable
  • Improve Product Management capability and skills.
  • Understand product life cycle considerations and differentiation


  • What is Product Management
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Understanding Goods and Services
  • Product Decisions
  • Strategic Planning and Useful Tools
  • Marketing Mix
  • Product Positioning
  • Value Creation

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