Certified Sales Manager

42 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training




Our powerful Certified Sales Manager Training Program provides the tools required to meet growing industry demands for professional sales and sales leaders.

While the sales force can give the life or death to the organization, sales producers will provide essential services to their clients and bring in critical revenues to fund the business growth.

If you are a sales manager or a front line salesperson and looking to advance your career by attending a certified program from a well-recognized certification body, then LEAD is your right choice.


  • Introduction to sales force Management
    • The personal Selling process
    • The field of sales force Management
    • Strategic Sales force Management
  • Organizing, staffing and training a sales force
    • Sales Force Organization
    • Profiling and recruiting sales people
    • Selecting and hiring sales people
  • Directing Sales Force Operations
    • Motivating a sales force
    • Sales Force compensation
    • Sales Force Quotas and expenses
    • Leadership of a sales force
  • Sales Planning
    • Forecasting Sales and Developing budgets
    • Sales Territories
  • Evaluating Sales Performance
    • Analysis of sales volume
    • Evaluating a sales persons performance
    • Ethical and legal responsibilities of sales managers
  • Strategic planning and the marketing management process
    • Marketing Information , research , and understanding the target market
    • Marketing research : process and systems for DM
    • Consumer behavior
    • Business Government and Institutional Buying
    • Market Segmentation
  • The Marketing Mix
    • Product and Brand Strategy
    • Integrated Marketing Communication: Advertising, sales promotions, PR and Direct Marketing
    • Distribution strategy
    • Pricing Strategy

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