Construction Contract Management



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This course deals with and discusses in detail the complex set of relationships that are involved when a construction project is undertaken. The course also reviews these relationships and how they interact with the planning, administration, start-up, and completion of the project. Risk in the construction project is discussed as it relates to the management and successful completion of the project, while also reviewing the legal relationships that can evolve during the project duration.

  • Introduction to Contract Management
  • Contract Time Management
    • Developing a network model
    • Determining activity durations
    • Project monitoring and control
    • PERT & Arrow diagrams
  • Contract Cost Management
    • Resource planning
    • Cost estimating & Cost budgeting
    • Cost control
    • Cash flow
    • Time/cost trade-offs
  • Contractual Management
    • Basic elements of contracts
    • Common mistakes in bidding
    • Public bidding specifics
    • Liens and Bonds
    • Insurance mechanisms
    • Extra work and changes
    • Failures and defects
    • Time in contract provisions
    • Critical Path Method in Dispute Resolution and Litigation
    • Types of contracts
    • Risk management
    • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
    • Claim Identification and Preservation
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
      • Contractual provisions
      • Roles of the parties and project team members
      • Use of experts
    • Proposal-contractual interaction

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