Construction Safety Management

12 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

Various aspects of construction areas and the necessary design and safety techniques are discussed along with building a corporate culture of zero accidents, planning for high project safety performance, establishing accountability for safety, and maintaining a safety communication network. Safety agendas contained within the Total Quality Management Process and the Partnering Process are discussed using actual job case studies


  • How Safety saves lives and money
    • The Direct Cost Savings
    • The Benefits of Safe Jobs
  • The Role of the chief executive
    • Building a Culture of Zero Accidents
    • Managing Staff Support for Safety
    • Summary of Action Steps for Chief Executives
  • The Job-Site Manager
    • Setting Priorities on the Job
    • People-Building
    • Orienting New Workers
    • Summary of Action Steps for Job-Site Managers
  • The Foreman
    • Working with Crews
    • Foreman Training
  • The Safety Professional
    • Responsibility for Safety
    • Measuring Safety Performance
    • Finding the Best Fit
  • Buying Safe Construction
    • Selecting Safe Contractors and Subcontractors
    • Managing Safety with Multiple Prime Contractors
  • New Development in Construction Safety Management
    • New Ways to Work Together and the New OSHA Law
  • Case Studies & Examples