Consumer Behavior

6 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training


Sales & Marketing

This training is designed to provide the attendees with the capabilities to develop long-term and competitive strategies for creating value for their products, preparing a solid marketing plan and sales forecast through understanding the internal capabilities and external environment opportunities and challenges.


  • Explain and apply the key terms, definitions, and concepts used in the study of consumer behaviour.
  • Demonstrate how as a marketer you can use your knowledge of consumer behaviour concepts to develop better marketing programs and strategies to influence those behaviours.
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of various advertisement and promotions and their attempts to influence the behaviours of individuals.
  • Analyze the trends in consumer behaviour, and apply them to the marketing of an actual product or service.


  • What influences consumer behavior?
    • Cultural factors
    • Social factors
    • Personal Factors
  • Key Psychological Processes:
    • Motivation
    • Perception
    • Learning
    • Emotions
    • Memory
  • The Buying Decision Process:
    • The Five-Stage Model
    • Problem Recognition
    • Evaluation of Alternatives
    • Purchase Decision
    • Post purchase Behavior
    • Moderating Effects on Consumer Decision Making
  • Behavioral Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics
    • Decision Heuristics
    • Irrational
    • Framing

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