Cross-selling & Up-selling

12 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Sales & Marketing

This Cross & Upselling Selling Training course will improve your team’s ability to introduce new products or services to your customers and to close more sales. It is a fully customized cross and up selling training course for customer service teams, order departments or telephone sales teams.

Your cross & up selling training course will be designed especially for your group. We will research carefully to ensure the course is tailored at the right level and will use your typical telephone calls, products and customer types as program material.

Your team will improve their customer focus, core telephone sales skills and call structure. They will learn the approach, language and sales skills to build rapport with the customer, to introduce your products/services, to sell the benefits of these to your customer and to close more sales successfully.


  • Our Business purpose with our customers
    • Clarifications of business goals and purposes of our Business
  • Cross selling or up selling
    • Our goals
    • Benefits of cross Selling to our customer
    • Benefits of cross selling for the company
  • Our goals on each telephone call
    • Building customer loyalty by meeting and exceeding customer expectations
    • Adding value to the customer by cross selling
    • Introducing new products
    • Increasing sales
  • Improving the structure of telephone call
  • Ensuring that we ‘position’ the call & the relationship so that we are better placed to cross selling and upselling
  • Building rapport with our Customer
  • Core skills to improve the conversation so that we can lead up to cross Selling:
    • Listening skills
    • Using the customer’s name
    • Good questioning
    • Positive language
  • What are our products?
    • The group refreshes their product knowledge
    • The products we offer & the benefits of each for our customer groups
  • Core sales skills
    • How to introduce and sell our products
    • Positive confident language
    • Good language to sell the value of this product
    • Gaining agreement and positive closes

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