Currency Swaps & Interest Rate SWAPS

25 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Finance & Banking


  • Introduce participants to the concept of swaps and types of currency swaps
  • Acquaint participants with currency swaps and interest rates agreements
  • Provide participants with the different methods of currency swaps and interest rates agreements

Who Should Attend?

  • Middle management bank staff and senior dealers in investment and foreign exchange markets
  • Bank Staff working in investment treasury and foreign exchange departments
  • Managers and their assistants working in investment departments and sections

Main Contents

  • Meaning of SWAP transactions
    • Mechanics.
    • Applications.
  • Understand rationale for use:
    • Advantages / Disadvantages.
  • Identify customer opportunities.
  • Uses and Benefits.
  • What makes SWAPS possible?
  • Market participants.
  • Types of SWAPS.
  • Explain how interest rates and foreign exchange rates affect the use of currency SWAPS.
  • List the benefits of interest rate SWAPS to the customer.
  • Identify some situations in which the treasurer or bank funding manager would use interest rate swaps
  • Currency Swaps
  • Forward rate agreements
  • Capital market swaps

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