Professional Diploma in Strategic Planning

60 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training


Skilled strategic management professionals establish and direct disciplined approaches to planning and execution that fits their organization by being practical, sustainable and cost effective. The SMP program gives you an understanding of the discipline of strategic management as a whole and breaks down the required phases and steps for planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy as a management process.


  • Module 1: Assess & Organize
  • Module 2: Environmental Analysis
  • Module 3: Strategic Direction & Strategy Identification and Selection
  • Module 4: Strategic Planning & Operational Planning
  • Module 5: Implementation Management
  • Module 6: Ongoing Strategic Management


 Module 1: Assess and Organize

  • History and terminology of strategic management
  • Current strategic direction’s level of development
  • Current strategic management capabilities
  • Factors influencing the scope of the strategic program
  • Benefits, concerns, time frames, participants and start up activities for strategic planning
  • Strategy change process

Module 2: Environmental Analysis & Evaluation

  • Conducting  the external analysis of the organization scope of operations
  • Conducting  the internal analysis of the organization
  • Conducting  the SWOT analysis
  • Designing a continuous strategic analysis system
  • Evaluating the results of the Environmental and SWOT analysis.
  • Porter’s five forces analysis

Module 3: Strategic Direction, Strategy Identification and Selection

  • Defining vision
  • Defining mission
  • Articulating values
  • Clarifying policies
  • Developing goals
  • Compiling and screening strategic alternatives
  • Evaluating feasible alternatives
  • Selecting preferred alternatives
  • Integrating current strategic initiatives with newly proposed strategic initiatives

Module 4: Strategic Planning & Operational Planning

  • Identifying relationships between strategic planning and operational planning
  • Identifying the prerequisites of effective strategic planning
  • Selecting the appropriate organization structure for each strategic initiative
  • Evaluating the organization’s existing strategic plan
  • Developing a revised strategic plan
  • Developing strategic planning processes
  • Discussing an illustrative strategic plan
  • Identifying the strategic operating plan as defined in the strategic plan
  • Assessing compatibility of the strategic operating plan with current planning processes
  • Deploying the strategies into the organization via a balanced set of objectives across functions
  • Learning to use a strategy deployment map
  • Identifying key performance measures and performance targets
  • Formatting strategies for implementation
  • Obtaining approvals and authorizations for the strategic operating plan
  • Distributing and communicating the strategic operating plan to members of the implementation team

Module 5: Implementation Management

  • Phases of implementation
  • Short-term Implementation Phase
  • Long-term Implementation Phase
  • Reassessing the current strategic management capability
  • Developing a framework for evaluating the current strategic management capability
  • Using the developed framework to evaluate the current strategic management capability
  • Providing on-going strategic management capability building
  • Designing and maintaining an effective continuous improvement system for strategic management
  • Identifying system operating guidelines
  • Evaluation & Controlling

Module 6: Ongoing Strategic Management

  • Practical application/ next step use of strategic management skills, tools and processes to install and integrate a strategic implementation plan
  • Group discussion of the human dynamics to implementation management and what to watch out for when working with an organization
  • Challenges to rolling out implementation
  • Instructor feedback and recommendations based on organization types and scenarios offered by participants

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