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Sales & Marketing


In recent years, the business environment has witnessed a revolution due to internet technologies. Such technologies significantly affect the way that businesses sell their products and interact with their suppliers. This training program provides you with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices associated with using the internet to market goods and services. It describes the internet and the various business models employed in online marketing, and it explores methods for conducting online market research and developing competitive intelligence for an organization. In addition, the course details processes for planning and implementing comprehensive e-marketing strategies using alternative online pricing strategies, Web-based advertising and promotion, and internet distribution channels.

This course also considers other critical issues such as customer acquisition and retention, customer relationship management (CRM), and the challenges faced by firms in the application of e-marketing strategies in global markets.


  • E-Marketing in Context
    • Past, Present, and Future
    • Strategic E-Marketing and Performance Metrics
    • The E-Marketing Plan
  • E-Marketing Environment
    • Building Inclusive E-Markets
    • Ethical and Legal Issues
  • E-Marketing Strategy
    • E-Marketing Research
    • Consumer Behavior Online
    • Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation, and Positioning Strategies
  • E-Marketing Management
    • Product: The Online Offer
    • Price: The Online Value
    • The Internet for Distribution
    • E-Marketing Communication Tools
    • Engaging Customers with Social Media
    • Buying Digital Media Space
    • Customer Relationship Management

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