Events Management

20 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

Targeted towards entry level event professionals, the course is aimed at introducing you to the best practices in planning, developing and successfully implementing events ensuring that your goals as well as those of the attendees are achieved and results realized.


  • To provide you with an introduction about event management: definition, history, purpose, benefits, and subfields;
  • To identify the key managerial prerequisites and skills for a successful event manager;
  • To practice the complex and integrative phases of event management: research, design, planning, coordination/execution and evaluation;
  • To help you master the financial management aspect of events that will ensure  financial objectives are realized;
  • To explain to you the significance of  a well-planned marketing strategy and the different communication media that are available to ensure that your message reaches intended target audience;
  • To understand the value and benefit of commercial sponsorship and how to effectively manage this process…
  • To be able to identify risk management issues in all aspects of event design, planning, and management.

Towards the end, the participants will be able to:

  • Strategically develop and set their event goals, objectives and required result;
  • Carefully develop the blue-print for their upcoming event;
  • Identified and set a plan to acquire the necessary resources that will support successful implementation;
  • Effectively identify event’s stakeholders and  target audience and how to best communicate with them;
  • Efficiently minimize the risks associated with the event;
  • Professionally assess the anticipated results and swiftly communicate them to the stakeholders.

Who should attend?

  • Event coordinators
  • Marketing & PR Officers
  • Administration and support staff involved in organizing events
  • Others whose tasks and responsibilities involve organizing or supporting events

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