Executive Mini MBA

100 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training




This course is a customized training that provides the high level management a global overview on diversity of topics to enable them to drive and lead the implementation of their organization’s strategy where they would be able to improve and maximize their contribution to achieving their objectives. This training program is a concentrated way to focus on the core elements of business administration; strategy and change, finance, people, leadership, marketing, and project management in a dynamic and applied learning environment. Focusing on key areas that determine real business results and rewards.

This program is full of practical tips, tools and techniques.

Who Should Attend?

High potential managers and executives wanting to enhance their general management capabilities. This highly interactive program which will apply the key business skills to common challenges to demonstrate how tools and tactics can deliver effective control and create value.

Program Modules

  • Module 1: Competitive Strategic Management
  • Module 2: Leading with Innovation
  • Module 3: Performance Measurement
  • Module 4: International Marketing-Management
  • Module 5: Strategic Decision Making
  • Module 6: Change Management
  • Module 7: Value-Chain-Management and Process Mapping
  • Module 8: Project Management


Module 1: Competitive Strategic Management

  • Creating competitive corporate advantage
  • Success­ful multi-business strategy
  • Building and managing trans­national companies
  • Strategy of global leaders
  • Winning Strategy in New Economy
  • Implementing Strategy in a successful Action-Process
  • Management con­trol systems
  • The competitive challenge of globalization
  • How to manage hyper growth

Module 2: Leading with Innovation 

  • The new role of the modern leader
  • Leadership brand
  • Leadership in a global competitive environment
  • Leading in a rapid growth organization
  • Structural bases of leadership
  • Coaching for results
  • Vision and communication team de­velopment
  • Leading innovation and organizational renewal
  • Managing and leading innovation and the organizational changes
  • Conflict resolution

Module 3: Performance Measurement

  • Accounting to make better deci­sions and strategies
  • Strategic cost management
  • Evalu­ating financial performance: use of ratios and cash flow analysis
  • Transfer pricing and cost allocation
  • Respon­sibility accounting
  • The uses and values of performance measurement systems
  • Performance Measurement Indica­tors

Module 4: International Marketing-Management

  • Marketing-Strategy
  • Strategic brand management
  • Pricing in global markets: Value vs. Cost based pricing
  • Integrated marketing – communications
  • Building and managing global brand equity
  • Performance Measurement and Balanced Scorecards in Marketing
  • Market-Research: How to understand your Customer Needs
  • The Marketing organization of the future
  • Social Media

Module 5: Strategic Decision Making

  • Surviving and managing in complex situation
  • Managing transitions, changes and cultural complexity
  • The approaches to Decision Making
  • Structuring the Decision-Making-Process
  • How real organizations make real decisions
  • The five myths of executive decision making
  • How to gain commitment to act
  • Addressing hidden doubts that could undermine your final decision

Module 6: Change Management

  • Leading and managing organizational change
  • The role of organizational culture
  • The innovative solution organiza­tion: How to communicate change
  • Designing high com­mitment organizations and high-performance work groups
  • Managing in high-stress environments
  • Personal styles and managerial styles
  • The implementation of change strategies: Transforming organizational structures

 Module 7: Value-Chain-Management and Process Mapping

  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Transform exist­ing business and brands
  • Build organizational capability
  • Creating Value in a technology driven world
  • The Value Chain and Supply Chain Design
  • Understanding the gap be­tween current business strategies and networked business models

Module 8: Project Management

  • The importance of PM
  • Project management methodologies
  • The project life cycle
  • Business operations
  • Quality issues

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