Financial & Management Controlling

16 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Finance & Banking

Managers want to achieve high levels of performance & one way that can done is by searching out the best control tools to use in improving performance. Appropriate controls can help managers look for specific performance gaps & areas for improvement where there needs to be better control over work being done.


  • Define Controlling
  • Understand why it is important in management
  • Explain steps of Controlling
  • Explain Characteristics of Effective Control Systems
  • Describe financial controls of controls
  • Prepare a Balance Sheet
  • Prepare an Income Statement
  • Define accounting
  • Explain how financial ratios can be used for controlling
  • Explain Budgets
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Financial Management
  • Explain the planning-controlling link
  • Define internal control
  • Who is responsible for internal control
  • What internal control can & can’t do
  • Describe controls & how to create a well-design organizational control system

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who is looking to improve their managerial skills, as well as enhance the quality of business & organizational performance.

Course outline:

  • Introduction to management & organization
  • What is control &why is it important?
  • The control process
  • Type of control
  • Controlling for organizational performance
  • Financial control
  • Contemporary issues in control
  • Internal control

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