Financial Markets Structure

30 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Finance & Banking

Course Objective

Introduce Financial Markets structure and mutual funds to the bank staff and give them clear picture of the different types of the foreign exchange and money markets together with stock market, international stock exchanges and derivatives markets and how they operate.

Who Should Attend?

Bank managers, supervisors and employees working in Treasury Departments. Also, Treasury and Investment staff and employees of Foreign Trade Departments and those who are concerned in this field


  • The Foreign Exchange Market
    • SPOT Market
    • Forward Market
  • The Money Market
    • Treasury Bills
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Commercial Paper
    • Banker’s Acceptances
    • Euro Dollars
    • The Libor Market
  • The stock Market
    • The Primary and Secondary Stock Market
    • The Primary Market for Common Stock
    • The Secondary Market for Common Stock
    • Preferred Stock
    • Initial Public Offerings
  • The New York Stock Exchange Market
    • The Dow Jones Industrial
    • NASDAQ
  • Investment Funds: types and forms
  • Derivative Markets
    • Options
    • Futures
    • SWAPS
    • Bonds and Deposits
  • A brief history of risk and return

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