English For Hospitability and Tourism

30 hours/level


UAE, Jordan Online Training


English Language

English for Hospitality & Tourism is designed for people who need to improve their English because they are training to work or are already working in hotel or tourism industries. The course is intended for students who already have a basic knowledge of English.

The four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking are practiced and developed throughout the course. The teaching material comes from a wide range of sources related to the hotel and tourism industry including travel and tourism related websites travel brochures, journals and so on. Tasks and class activities are suited to the needs of hotel and tourism students, providing many opportunities for students to use their existing knowledge of the English language and the new input in a wide range of contexts relevant to their field.

The course has a strong focus on students’ developing professional skills. The tasks are either spoken, such as selling a conference venue or persuading a client to buy a package tour, or written, such as writing a hotel description or a covering letter for a CV.




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Pre-intermediate A
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Intermediate A
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Upper Intermediate A
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