HR in Modern Management

15 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Human Resources

Course Outline

  • What is Human Resource Management
  • How does HRM build & Maintain Good Relation between owners and employees
  • What are the main purposes of HRM
  • Approaches to HRM
  • Functions of human resources management
  • Employment market and the changing features of it
  • Understanding the market need and salary scales
  • Organizations that influence how human resources are managed
  • Legal employment environment
  • Labor law
  • Recruitment
  • Organization charts
  • Job description
  • Job specification
  • Processes and procedures; a closer look
  • Where do you find the right candidates
  • Interviews
  • Ending the contract of employment
  • Measuring performance at work
  • Key performance indicators in different organizations
  • Appraisal systems
  • Training

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