Human Resource Business Professional - HRBP


72 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Human Resources

The HRBP program is divided into six modules, each of which builds on the preceding one and concludes with a relative section in the examination. Not all topic areas are given equal weight at each module of the HRBP exam. The different topic areas for the six modules are as follow:

  • Module 1: HR Administration
    • Strategic HR Management and Business Trends
    • Gathering, measuring and Reporting HR Data
    • Workforce Planning and Employment Strategies
    • Change Management and Business Process Improvement for HR Professionals
    • Organizational Policies, Procedures and Regulations
  • Module 2: Recruitment & Selection
    • Workforce Planning and Staffing
    • Job Analysis and Documentation
    • Recruitment
    • Selection
    • New Hire On boarding
    • Recruitment Metrics
  • Module 3: Employee Relations & Communication
    • Communication in the Workplace
    • Laws Affecting Employee and Labor Relations
    • Creating a positive Work Environment
    • Managing Employee Behavior Issues
  • Module 4: Compensation & Benefits
    • Total Rewards
    • Compensation
    • Benefits
  • Module 5: Training & Development
    • Training
    • Performance Management
    • Career Development
  • Module 6: Health, Safety & Security
    • Health, Safety and Security
    • Employee Health
    • Employee Safety
    • Workplace Security

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