Continuous Improvement Skills for Managers

12 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Soft Skills

In today’s “globalization” of economies, high productivity, quality & on-time delivery have become necessities for company survival. This hands – on course will give your managers & practitioners the knowledge & tools they need to lead & manage a Continuous Improvement process; putting your company on-track to become a leader in its field.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Continuous Improvement
  • What kind of transformation can a company expect from adopting Continuous Improvement
  • Management responsibilities in C. I.
  • Establishing a C. I. culture
  • Laying foundation for improvement
  • Developing the C. I. plan
  • Define measures & objectives
  • Forming C. I. teams
  • Deciding what to improve
  • Using flow diagrams & functional charts
  • Using the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle
  • Measuring your success

Course Objectives

Participants in this course will be able to:

  • Lead & manage continuous improvement systems & processes
  • Identify ways to measure results of Organizational Performance
  • Analyze an improvement project & select the applicable improvement tools
  • Collect & analyze data using improvement tools
  • Examine the overall results of the efforts of continuous improvement & their impact on organizational accomplishments
  • Monitor & adjust performance strategies
  • Manage opportunities for further improvement
  • Apply the principles of problem solving, PDCA, & the Continuous Improvement Process to structure an improvement project

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