Islamic Finance

16 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Finance & Banking

Course Objectives

This programme gives a comprehensive introduction to the terms and principles used in Islamic Banking.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • History of finance
    • Overview of the development of modern Islamic finance
  • Sharia’a
    • Underlying principles
    • Major prohibitions (Riba, Gharar, Maysir)
    • Contact theory
    • Overview of transactions types
  • Islamic banking infrastructure
    • Types of institutions offering Islamic Finance
    • The regulatory environment
    • Products and services, and how do they compare to conventional finance
  • The application of Islamic financial products in practice
    • Application of products in Retail Banking
    • Application of products in Treasury
    • Application of products in Corporate Finance
    • The role of the London Metal Exchange
  • Islamic Asset Management
    • Overview of the funds market
    • Types of funds
    • Screening of eligible security
  • Corporate Governance
    • Governance in Islamic Banks
    • The role of the Sharia’s supervisory Board

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