Performance Management & Appraisal

15 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Human Resources


  • Basic Concepts in Performance Management and Appraisal
    • Defining employee’s goals and work standards
  • Techniques for Appraising Performance
    • Why appraise performance?
    • Realistic appraisals
    • The supervisor’s role
    • Steps in appraising performance
    • Graphic rating scale method
    • Alternation ranking method
    • Paired comparison method
    • Forced distribution method
    • Critical incident method
    • Narrative forms
    • Behaviorally anchored rating scales
    • Management by objectives
    • Computerized and web based performance appraisal
    • Electronic performance monitoring
    • Appraisal in practice
  • Dealing With Performance Appraisals Problems
    • Potential appraisal problems
  • Managing the New Workforce: The Gender Gap in Appraisals
    • Five guidelines for how to hold effective appraisals
    • Appraisals and the law
    • Who should do appraising?
    • Evidence based HR: should we encourage upward feedback?
  • The Appraisal Interview
    • Types of appraisal interviews
    • How to conduct the appraisal interview
    • Appraisals in practice
  • Performance Management
    • What is performance management
    • Performance appraisal versus performance management
    • Basic building blocks of performance management
    • Why performance management

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