Project Management Office (PMO) Setup

30 hours


UAE, Jordan



PMO Setup Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively plan and implement a Project/Program Management Office (PMO) in their organization.
  • Align their organization strategy and project framework.
  • Develop a business case that outlines PMO challenges and opportunities.
  • Assess the current organization project environment.
  • Apply the Organizational Maturity Model (OPM3) developed by Project Management Institute (PMI)

Target Audience:

All individuals involved in establishing, building and managing a project management office (PMO) within their organization.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Definition and Characteristics of a PMO
    • What is a PMO?
    • Benefits of the PMO
    • Four PMO models
    • Typical PMO functions
    • PMO Challenges.
  • Module 2: PMO Business Case, Organization, Structure and Functions
    • Portfolios, Programs and Projects.
    • Developing a Strong PMO Business Case.
    • Organizational Structure for Projects.
    • PMO Types.
    • PMO Functions.
    • The PMO Project
    • Do’s and Don’ts of PMO Implementation
    • Governance
    • Obtaining Stakeholder Buy-In
  • Module 3: Maturity and the PMO.
    • Defining Maturity and Capability.
    • Steps for Increasing Maturity Level.
    • Pre-Assessment Evaluation.
    • Baseline Maturity Assessment.
    • Project Management Health Check.
    • Maturity Gap Analysis Steps.
  • Module 4: PMO Planning, Preparation and Strategy.
    • Creating the PMO Charter.
    • Objectives and Milestones.
    • Using Gap Analysis to Set Milestones.
    • Implementation Strategy Phases.
    • Measuring Success Metrics.
  • Module 5: Establishing a Project Management Methodology and PMO Governance.
    • Defining Project Methodology.
    • Establishing Methodology Steps.
    • Elements of Methodology.
    • Methodology Quality Dimensions.
    • Defining Governance.
    • Governance Framework.
  • Module 7: Changing Organizational Culture.
    • PMO as a change agent.
    • Climate versus Culture.
    • Organizational Needs.
    • Creating a Project Culture.
    • Change Processes.
    • Overcoming Barriers to Change.
    • The Impact of Change on People

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