Professional Diploma in Health & Safety

250 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training


This program is considered as introductory one that aims to provide local market with well-trained  Safety & Occupational Health supervisors , whom in turn can work at different establishments & organizations whether it is industrial , agricultural , medical, etc…   .


  • Module 1: Instructions, Rules, and Legislation
  • Module 2: Personal Safety
  • Module 3: Physical Hazards
  • Module 4: Chemical Hazards
  • Module 5: Physical hazards inside the installation (internal)
  • Module 6: Hazards associated with occupational safety
  • Module 7: Dealing with injuries
  • Module 8: Accident Investigation & Reporting
  • Module 9: Inspection & Supervision
  • Module 10: Field Visits


Module 1: Instructions, Rules, and Legislation

  • General Introduction / Safety & Occupational Health Management
    • This subject include identification of necessary terms ( accident , hazard , risk , danger, occupational disease , ….) , Risk Management  Procedure , causes of accidents and control measures
  • Rules & Instruction in Social Security
    • This subject include explanation of rules in social security correlated to safety and occupational health, especially those related to service accidents, and establishment commandment
  • Labor Rules and Instruction
    • This subject include explanation of labor rules and regulations correlated to safety and occupational health

Module 2: Personal Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE )
    • This subject include identification of different kinds & classification of PPE , their importance, use and maintenance
  • Ergonomics
    • This subject clarifies the meaning of Ergonomics, benefits, health related problems , and clarifies deferent comfortable situation in work stations

Module 3: Physical Hazards 

  • Physical hazards
    • This subject clarifies different types of physical Hazards ( Noise , Temperature , lightening, Radiation, Humidity), allowable exposure values, health hazard of excessive exposure, and control measures
  • Proper Storage & Handling of Materials
    • This subject explains the term of proper storage, benefits of proper storing, and technical specifications of proper storing. It also include Forklift use and hazards associated with, and proper use
  • Instruction Hazards
    • This subject explains hazards associated with construction, safety at: different working surfaces, leaders, scaffoldings, in addition to prevention and control measures. Also it clarifies hazards associated with: working at heights, excavations , and confined spaces

Module 4: Chemical Hazards

  • Chemical Substances
    • This subject explains: forms of chemical substances, health and other hazards associated with dealing with chemicals, exposure limits allowable (TWA, STEL, Ceiling) , and how to calculate over all exposure to different concentrations for the same substance
  • Control Measures for Chemical hazards
    • This subject clarify how to asses risk of exposure to chemicals  by assessing SIVIRITY OF HAZARD multiplies by IMPACT , also it explains all control measures: Removal, Substitution, Engineering Control, Administrative Control, and Personal Protective Equipment .

Module 5: Physical hazards inside the installation (internal)

  • Mechanical hazards
    • This subject clarifies hazards associated with working with tools and machines, it clarifies the dangerous parts of machines and there effects on labors, control measures also are clarified in this subject by showing the necessary precautions before, during , and after using machines
  • Electrical hazards
    • This subject explains hazards associated with using electrical machines and equipment, it clarifies kinds of hazards associated with electricity and factors affect severity of hazard (human factors and factors related to electrical current), it also explains control measures for electrical hazards
  • Firefighting and evacuating principles
    • This subject explains classification of fire, kinds of fire alarm systems and firefighting systems, kinds of fire extinguisher and their use. also this subject explains principles of evacuating buildings in case of emergency, also the terms RACE AND PASS are explained

Module 6: Hazards associated with occupational safety

  • What is performance management?
  • Performance appraisal versus performance management
  • Building blocks of performance management
  • Mobile performance management
  • Improving productivity through performance appraisal management system

Module 7: Dealing with injuries

  • Biological hazards
    • This subject clarifies biological agents that cause hazard to human, it clarifies chain of infection, mode of entry of biological hazards to human body and mode of transmission to others and the necessary victors for disease transmission (mechanical and biological). control measures of biological hazards by breaking chain of infection
  • Occupational diseases
    • This subject explains kinds of occupational diseases according to the organ affected, factors associated with exposure to hazard elements in work environments that lead to occupational disease, also it clarifies long term and short term exposure to hazardous factors and list of occupational diseases in labor (MOL and Social Security corporation, control measures and periodic medical exams are also clarified

 Module 8: Accident Investigation & Reporting

  • Work related Accidents & Injuries
    • This subject clarifies work related accident: definition, direct & indirect causes of accidents, how to investigate accidents (listening to both injured person & witnesses), Also it clarifies root causes of accidents & role of Safety Administration
  • Environmental Measuring Instruments
    • This subject shows Environmental Measuring Instruments: their use indoor and outdoor, and measurements they give (concentration of gases in work environment, air quality, noise, temperature), units, allowable exposure limits, and how to maintain & calibrate instruments
  • Reporting
    • This subject shows importance of reporting, kinds of reports, structure of report, necessary items and their sequence in the report, also this subject shows how to prepare reports related to evaluation of safety situation (frequency average, absence average , and severity average )

Module 9: Inspection & Supervision 

  • Definition of Inspection & Its Importance
    • This subject clarifies: definition of Inspection, kinds of inspection, Characteristics of safety inspector, authorities of safety inspector, sites 7 items to inspect, frequency of inspection, reporting and preparing necessary form needed

Module 10: Field Visits

  • Field Visits
    • Field visits to support subjects of: Fire Fighting, biological, mechanical, electrical hazards, and Inspection

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