Professional Diploma in Hospital Management

150 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

Hospital managers are responsible for managing and overseeing a variety of departments involved with the day to day function of a hospital. The training aims to share modern healthcare management theories and practices, and to equip participants with critical knowledge and skills to manage hospitals.


 At the end of the program the participants are expected to develop skills and knowledge in:

  • Development in administrative methods in hospitals to perform better services.
  • Analysis of the health system in Jordan.
  • Use of leadership skills.
  • Use of communication skills and active communication with others.
  • Understanding and applying strategic and executive plans.
  • Understanding hospitals administrative and financial systems.
  • Solving problems and facing challenges.
  • Applying the concepts of human recourses management.
  • Applying the concepts of quality management.
  • Applying the concepts of risk management.


  • Organizational behavior
  • English language
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Specialized Training
    • Health system, Jordanian laws and regulations concerning hospitals
    • Concepts and applications of administration and leadership
    • Management & Leadership Skills
    • Strategic planning in hospitals
    • Human resources management
    • Risk management
    • Information Management and statistics
    • Communication Skills and customer service
    • Financial management in hospitals

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