Professional Diploma in Sales and Marketing

90 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

To begin a career in marketing, you need a recognized qualification- that is precisely what the Professional Diploma in Marketing delivers.

This diploma is ideal for marketers who aspire to manage the marketing process at an operational level, as well as those who are looking to build on the knowledge gained at professional certificate level with a future marketing management role in mind. The content of this program will cover the various stages of a marketing career.

Who should attend?

This professional diploma is developed for the following:

  • Marketing Executives
  • Product/ brand managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Account Managers

Diploma Modules

The professional diploma will cover the following:

  • Module 1: Marketing Management
  • Module 2: Branding & Brand Management
  • Module 3: Marketing Research & Information
  • Module 4: Service Marketing
  • Module 5: Consumer Behavior
  • Module 6: Personal Selling & Sales Management
  • Module 7: Marketing Communication, Promotion, and Social Media
  • Module 8: International Marketing
  • Module 9: Marketing Ethics
  • Module 10: Marketing Planning & Specialized Topics in Marketing



Module1:  Marketing Management

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Recommend how a marketing function should be structured and managed to deliver competitive advantage
  • Prepare plans for showing how a team should be structured, selected, formed, managed and developed to demonstrate effective performance against objectives
  • Critically assess the organization’s resource needs and capabilities for the marketing team to manage marketing activities effectively and efficiently
  • Prepare appropriate budgets and accounting documentation to support the financial management of the marketing function its associated activities
  • Critically assess the ongoing financial situation including manageability of the budget, financial stability and success of the marketing function

 Module 2:  Branding & Brand Management

This module is designed to provide the attendees with the capabilities to develop long-term and competitive strategies for creating value for their products, preparing a solid marketing plan and sales forecast through understanding the internal capabilities and external environment opportunities and challenges.

Module 3: Marketing Research & Information

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate marketing information and marketing research requirements for business decision-making.
  • Plan for and manage the acquisition, storage, retrieval and reporting of information on the organization’s market and customers.
  • Explain the process involved in purchasing market research and the development of effective client supplier relationships.
  • Write a research brief to meet the requirements of an organization to support a specific plan or business decision.
  • Develop a research proposal to fulfill a given research brief.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of different qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to meet different research situations.
  • Design and plan a research program.
  • Design a questionnaire and discussion guide.
  • Interpret quantitative and qualitative data and present coherent and appropriate recommendations that lead to effective marketing and business decisions.
  • Critically evaluate the outcomes and quality of a research project.
  • Explain the legal, regulatory, ethical and social responsibilities of organizations involved in gathering, holding and using information

Module 4: Service Marketing  

  • This module will enable the attendees to master the 7 Ps of service marketing, and understand the major challenges related to this kind of market compared to marketing goods.
  • This module covers both types: business to business and business to consumer services.

Module 5: Consumer Behavior  

In this module we will aim at understanding consumers’ attitudes and how do they make decisions to purchase through application of sociology, psychology and demographics. Consumer-behavior studies inform marketers, advisers and public agencies how product and service selection is influenced by personality, perception, values and beliefs.

Module 6: Personal Selling & Sales Management  

  • This module explores the skills and techniques for effective selling of products, services, ideas, etc…
  • Attendees will acquire the skills of how to analyze the psychology of the person they are selling to. The art of opening, mastering the probing, handling objection and closing the sales deals.

Module 7: Marketing Communication, Promotion, and Social Media 

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Develop and manage a brand and product portfolio in the context of the organization’s marketing strategies and objectives
  • Develop and implement an effective and efficient channel management strategy reflecting the needs of stakeholders
  • Develop an effective and innovative communications strategy and plan that clearly delivers the organization’s proposition to the market, through effective segmentation and targeting of internal and external markets
  • Utilize an innovative and effective integrated marketing mix to reinforce the organization’s brand values, overall marketing proposition and competitive advantage
  • Determine customer requirements for product and service delivery to ensure the marketing proposition is customer-focused, efficient and effective
  • Promote using blogging and flicker through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Measure ROI on social media.
  • Work on public relations

Module 8: International Marketing

Studying the multinational process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution related firm-level marketing practices across border including market identification and targeting, entry mode selection, and strategic decisions to compete in international markets.

Module 9: Marketing Ethics

  • This module addresses the principles and standards that define acceptable in the marketplace.
  • Understanding and developing the most effective approaches to manage marketing ethics.

 Module 10: Marketing Planning & Specialized Topics in Marketing

This module will discuss important updated topics that are related to developing the marketing plans. This will support you to plan your effective marketing campaigns and achieve your company’s goals and objectives.

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