Professional Marketing Skills

15 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Sales & Marketing

Is marketing the revenue driver?

How to establish, maintain, and increase your market share!

What you will achieve after attending this training course?

  • Understanding the basic techniques of the zero cost marketing.
  • Appreciating the benefits of well-designed marketing activities.
  • Developing and enhancing your organization’s image.
  • Planning your marketing plans.
  • Advanced techniques of developing marketing tools.
  • Effective designs of marketing activities.

Course Outline:

  • Your Message
  • Your Target
  • Competence
  • Daily activities
  • Word of mouth
  • Public relations
  • Closing Contracts
  • Customer relation management
  • Plans
  • Overview

Who should attend?

  • PR staff
  • Marketing and sales staff
  • Marketing mangers
  • Business developers
  • Business owners
  • Future mangers

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