Statistical Quality Control

15 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

Quality Control is a comprehensive course in QC terminology, practices, statistics, and troubleshooting. Designed for those who have little or no experience with quality control but need a firm grounding, this course will help all participants quickly and easily identify and correct errors in quality control procedures.

This course introduces quality concepts and tools to employees new to quality and to those with some previous background in quality. This course is effective for employee training, orientation programs or reinforcing common quality competencies throughout your organization. It also satisfies Section 6.2 resource-management requirements for the new ISO 9001:2000 standards which cover competence, awareness and training.

The course will define the various aspects of quality and address the issues of planning for quality as they relate to survey operations and processes. Statistical methods for quality control will be discussed. The course will involve the practical application of concepts through the use of case studies and group workshops each day.


  • To learn about quality dimensions, responsibility for quality and computers involvement in quality control and management.
  • To illustrate quality tools and be familiar with various types and features of statistical process control particularly quantitative tools of quality.
  • To understand the fundamentals of statistics and to use statistics analysis and apply it into different quality decisions.
  • To describe and be familiar with constructing and using he different types of control charts for variables.
  • To describe and be familiar with constructing and using he different types of control charts for attributes.

Who can benefit?

Anyone that requires a common competency or awareness of basic quality concepts:

  • New employees
  • Manufacturing personnel
  • Office/technical personnel
  • Customer Service teams
  • Entry-level quality professionals or those new to quality


  • Introduction to Quality Control
    • What is Quality Control?
    • Quality Control Procedures
  • Fundamentals of statistics
  • Quality Benefits
    • Quality and profitability
    • Benefits to employees, organizations customers and society
    • Why Quality is a concern
  • Quality Evolution
    • Reactive Approach
    • Proactive Approach
  • Introduction to TQM
  • Total quality management defined
    • Key components
    • Philosophies
    • Approaches
    • Teams in TQM
  • Statistical Analysis of Control Data
  • Planning for Quality
  • Principles of Statistical Quality Control
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Control Chart for Variables
  • Control Charts for Attributes
  • Acceptance Sampling Techniques
  • Quality Improvement Methods & Tools

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