Strategic Planning

15 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

The strategic planning workshop is typically several days’ interactive work for leadership of the organization. Strategic planning is done away from the normal work environment so key people are focused on strategic planning. Once initial strategic planning work is competed with SWOT analysis there is work for each team member to assure the strategic plan continues as a living force. As part of the strategic plan objectives, goals and plans are deployed throughout the organization.

Strategic Planning is an essential management activity. The strategic planning workshop covers:

  • Introduction to strategic planning and business policy
    • Phases of Strategic Management
    • Benefits of Strategic Management
    • Adaptation
    • Basic Model of Strategic Management
  • Scanning the Environment
    • Environmental scanning and industry analysis
    • Identify external variables
    • Industry analysis: analyzing the task environment
    • Porter’s approach
    • EFAS
    • Internal Scanning
    • Resource based approach to organizational analysis
    • Core and distinctive competencies
    • Value chain analysis
    • IFAS
  • Strategy Formulation
    • Situational Analysis and Business Strategy
    • SWOT analysis
    • Generate alternatives by using TOWS
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Functional Strateg
  • Strategy Implementation
    • What must be done?
    • Structure follows strategy
    • Six sigma
  • Evaluation and Control
    • Measure performance

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