Talent Management

16 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Human Resources

In the dynamic business environment leaders operate in today, a challenge they face is to leverage their workforce to gain a sustainable, competitive advantage. To meet this challenge, organizations need to establish environments where talent management is a priority.

The issue with many companies today is that organizations put tremendous effort into attracting employees to their company, but spend little time on retaining and developing talent.

This Talent Management training sets out to look at how to identify the talent within an organization, along with the steps participants can take to enhance and grow their talent and attract new talent to their organization/business. This course is suitable for any organization no matter how far into their Talent Management journey. The talent management training will help your participants set up their Talent Management system or can be used as a health check to refocus or identify problem areas.

Course Components:

  • History of TM
  • What is talent?
  • What is Talent Management?
  • Importance of talent development
  • Talent Management Model
    • Creed
    • Strategy
    • System
  • Basics of the TM System
  • Competencies Architecture
  • Human Resources vs. Talent Management
  • Classwork and/or homework

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