Technical Writing

16 hours


UAE, Jordan


English Language

No matter how brilliant an idea, if it isn’t conveyed clearly, its value is never realized. This technical writing training course is designed for scientific, medical and technical professionals who must produce technical documents as part of their work.

Covering a comprehensive list of topics, this technical writing program will teach participants how to communicate complex information with clarity, conciseness and force.


  • The Writing Process
    • Explore Ideas
    • Prewrite
    • Organize
    • Writing Drafts
    • Producing the Final Copy
  • What is a Paragraph?
    • Developing topic sentence
    • Planning the body
    • Revising and editing a paragraph
  • Planning and Drafting an Essay
  • Types of Paragraphs
    • Process of writing a description
    • Describing a process
    • Causes and effects
    • Classification of Information
    • Making Comparisons and Contrasts
    • Defining terms
    • Persuasion
    • Summarizing
    • Responding
  • Writing a Report
  • Grammar Review