Total Quality Management

15 hours


UAE, Jordan, Online Training

Quality is of paramount importance to the success of all organizations. This Quality Management course is designed for all those who have a responsibility for maintaining and improving quality. The focus is on the practical application of the underlying principles of quality – how to define it, how to measure it and how to continuously improve.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • State 3 working definitions of quality
  • Describe how to set standards to define quality
  • Specify a process and how to control it
  • List 3 practical means of measuring quality
  • Discuss the concept and application of quality assurance (QA)

Who should attend?

  • Project leader and project team leader
  • Employee responsible for quality management


  • Defining quality
    • What we mean by quality
    • Range of definitions
    • The concept of quality
    • Quality of design and of conformance
    • Quality vs. price
  • Overview of QM functions
    • Quality planning
    • Quality assurance
    • Quality control
  • Defining standards – building quality in
    • Specifying standards of quality
    • Internal and external specifications
    • Communicating standards
  • Defining standards – building quality in
    • The need to measure
    • Simple process
    • Feedback control loop
    • Controlling the process
    • Benchmarks
  • Assuring quality
    • Control v. assurance
    • Building quality in
    • Quality frameworks
    • Human aspects – how to involve and motivate staff
  • Improving quality
    • Quality improvement cycle
    • “Virtuous circle”
    • self-assessment
    • audit
    • use of data and performance reports
    • Human aspects – how to involve and motivate staff

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