Train the Trainer

20 hours


UAE, Jordan Online Training


Soft Skills

Training is a learning process that leads to help the trainees in acquiring knowledge, concepts, rules and abilities and to sharpen their skills. Training also involves changing of attitudes and behaviors in order to enhance the performance of employees through professional development.

Individuals who seek developing their role as a trainer face one of the most challenging learning curves of their career; maintain information that is submit up-to-date, keep up with the latest development and promote the learning of all what is new.

This course provides new trainers at different levels a comprehensive foundation in training in terms of: Lectures, Sessions and Slides’ Design, Development and delivery, as well as a greater understanding of adult training related facts.

At the end of the module the participant will be able to enhance their ability, confidence and motivation by developing and refreshing essential training skills in addition to acquiring various new modern training skills.

General Objectives

By the end of this training module, all participants are expected to be able to:

  • Write appropriate training objectives based on the needs of the individual and the business.
  • Identify appropriate training materials and structure content to meet the objectives of the group.
  • Select and utilize effective visual aids to support their training sessions
  • Understand the difference between training and presenting information
  • Promote trainee participation and involvement and build greater confidence in their ability to interact with and motivate trainees.
  • Personalize the work by example and using individual personality as a tool.
  • Overcome difficult situations or problems which can occur during training sessions such as cynicism, fear and resistance.
  • Confidently deliver effective training sessions to the highest standards.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their training against pre-determined objectives.
  • Evaluate personal training strengths and areas to work on.
  • Gain an understanding of group dynamics and create energy in the training room.
  • Practicing several training methods that helps encourage trainees to participate in the session.

Main Topics Covered

  • Characteristics of Exceptional Trainers
  • Understanding Adult Learning Principles
  • What a Solid Training Program Looks Like
  • The Trainers’ Tool – Kit: Icebreakers, Energizers, and Activities.
  • Trainers’ Couch: Answers to the Toughest Questions

Training Methods and Techniques

  • Motivational Starters.
  • Exercises and Tasks that stimulate higher order thinking skills.
  • Group work activities’ outcome presentation and feedback exchange.
  • Group work.
  • Case studies to analyze and obtain general conclusions and lessons.
  • Dialogue and debate.
  • Real examples and practical applications.
  • Story-telling to reach conclusions.
  • Simulation of Corporate situations and then evaluating them.
  • Power Point, Movies and Multimedia Presentations.

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