Innovation And Creativity Certificate Program 2015 Press Release

May 27, 2015 |Dubai

Creating Cutting Edge Organizations

On May 20th and 21st the first of its kind “Innovation & Creativity Certificate Program” took place in Conrad hotel Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, the program was hosted by Boston College University and organized by LEAD.

This is the 3rd of a series of highly innovative certificate programs to take place in Dubai by Boston College after the highly successful Innovative Leadership 2014 and Urban Innovation 2015.

The program was aimed at CEOs, Senior Executives, and Strategy Directors to help them transform their organizational cultures and teams into highly innovative, creative units, and was designed for managers with responsibility for organizational leadership and core missions, functions, products, and services by building a “tool-box” of skills and policies intended to promote successful innovative, creative organizations.

“Innovation & Creativity” stressed on the use of information technology to help achieve innovation and creativity and the role of leaders in managing creative workers and projects. Participants were able to learn to develop tools to promote innovation and creativity, develop techniques to deploy new Information Technology solutions including social media tools to enhance creativity, learn how to use innovation and creativity to address disruptive change, develop managerial skills to use collective intelligence to enhance business productivity and goals, develop skills to leverage the social communities and motivation in the sharing economy, and realize and access sources of creativity within an existing workforce.

The program was hosted by two of the finest faculty members of Boston College; Professor Spencer Harrison, PhD, – Professor of Management and Organization from Carroll School of Management – who we had the honor of learning from him for the 2nd time now in Dubai and Professor Gerald Kane, PhD – Professor of Information Systems at Carroll School of Management – who was equally brilliant and we hope to see more of him again in the future.


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