Mini MBA Training | Press Release

Mini MBA Training | Press Release

July, 2016 | Amman

A Mini MBA training has taken place at the LEAD premises from July 26 to September 22 between 5:30 and 8:30 pm and was conducted by:

– Mr. Jamil Dababneh

– Mr. Murad Sahawneh

– Dr. Mohammad Abdul Qader

The Mini MBA course aims to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of all functions of Business Administration. Upon completion of this program, participant will be able to apply the knowledge gained in the following areas: Management, Finance, HR, Marketing, Feasibility Analysis, and Strategic Management.


  • The “practitioner’s mindset” and ability to apply business knowledge and skills in actual real situations and confi­dently make decisions that are reliable and well-grounded.
  • Understand how to align business functions with strategic objectives and how to translate strategy into actions.
  • Learn to evaluate the impact of operational, marketing, and financial decision on company performance.
  • Become fully equipped to take on new challenges and progress within the organization or start your new business

Who should attend?

  • High potential employees
  • New graduates who need practical business knowledge
  • Specialized employees who need management basics
  • Individuals with the desire to start their own business
  • Mid-level employees who want to further their careers
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