Strategy Execution Seminar Press Release

Amman | 2014

In a specialized and distinct event in Jordan a seminar entitled “Strategy Execution” was held on December 21st to 22nd 2013, with the participation of 75 people from 35 different companies and institutions from all over the Middle East region.

The seminar was aimed at professionals in senior executive positions, project managers and strategic planners who are seeking to excel in success and accomplishments through strategies that are developed and implemented to successfully move forward in their institutions and their companies.

The successful event was organized by LEAD in cooperation with the expert in administrative projects implementation and strategic planning (Professor Antonio Neto – Rodriguez) author of the book “The Focused Organization”.

We at LEAD look forward to holding more seminars that contribute to achieving success in our institutions and companies in the Arab region, through the exchange of experiences and raising the level of talents working there by providing the best programs and training workshops through our experts, coaching staff and consultants who enjoy a high level of expertise and professionalism in the latest practices in various aspects.562736_422141787914052_738926292_n 1458643_422148014580096_452720355_n 1468589_422142264580671_470208835_n 1475863_422141481247416_708565826_n 1478970_422141651247399_1884392253_n 1480693_422148041246760_382990742_n 1483359_422146844580213_645558947_n 1497624_422142217914009_1139420081_n 1503439_422142167914014_247274898_n 1503853_422142317913999_488985160_n 1504126_422141837914047_1510574313_n 1517561_422141867914044_1134916874_n 1520812_422141957914035_1983586945_n 1521807_422141884580709_686089896_n 1526955_422143271247237_109866745_n 1536508_422141501247414_1695144012_n

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